About Us

Talentful fills the gap that many successful and growing businesses have.

We specialise in building businesses with technology at their core.

We work with innovators in a variety of sectors to help them understand exactly who they want, and how to attract them to their business.

It doesn’t matter what stage your business is at, understanding how to attract the best people is always a challenge and that’s where we can help.

Fundamentally we believe that the classic contingency model of a recruitment agency is the wrong way to attract top talent, and engaging for a sustained period gives much better results.

We hire across the full spectrum of talent a technology business needs. This means we have hiring specialists within technology, marketing, sales, operations and finance.

In 2016 we hired almost 250 top tier people for some of the highest tier companies in the UK.


Our founders have worked in recruitment for seventeen years. We helped build companies like Shazam, Audible, Forward3D and Mind Candy, so our knowledge is shaped by hyper-growth, highly competitive markets.

Our Talent Partners have experience hiring in-house for companies like Google, Uber, Eventbrite, Diageo, Octopus Investments, AOL and many more.

Talentful has worked with over fifty companies since our inception, giving us deep insight into exactly what works and what doesn’t in hiring great people.

We are now almost thirty people strong after just eighteen months in business and still growing apace.

We know how to scale companies; we're doing it ourselves.